Wednesday, March 6, 2013

An Open Invitation

We would like to invite you to partner with us in this ministry, both through prayer and finances.  
  • PRAYER.  Our need of your support through prayer could not be stated strongly enough.  We want every step, every decision, every thought to be dripping with evidence of God so that our impact in this ministry can be as great as possible and so that our family will be provided for.  We want people to see God doing the impossible through us so they know of His power and love!  Currently, our biggest prayer needs are 1) To sell our home for no debt, 2) To raise full support, and 3) To erase our debt.
  • MONTHLY SUPPORT.  We would love for you to partner with us financially to accomplish these ministries in Rwanda and Atlanta.   We honestly just want to invite you to be a part of what God is doing!  If you are at all interested please contact us.  We would love nothing more than to sit down with you to share our hearts.  
  • SPECIAL GIFTS.  There are several immediate needs leading up to this move.  We'll have a $1,300 training fee to work with a highly respected missions sending agency who will give us the tools necessary to become self-supported.  We'll have a $500 downpayment to make for the apartment ministry and of course, there are moving expenses to think about ($1,000?).  Beyond that, we're attempting to wipe out any and all debt, which will take some doing.  
  • CHURCH PARTNERSHIP.  If you work in a church or think your church would like to join us in this ministry, we would (obviously) welcome it!  There are many ways we and the people of Rwanda could use your help. 
We realize you most likely have a million questions and we would love nothing more than to answer them in person if at all possible.  We are an open book!  There are a ton of resources we would love to get in your hands.

Oh, and once we're established in Atlanta and fully supported, we'd love to invite you to take a trip to Rwanda...


  1. I love this. I write a blog of my own and would like to write a post about you sometime. It would help you get your mission out in the bloggy world a little bit more!
    You need to have more buttons on this blog so that people can follow you in more ways than just by e-mail. set up a facebook page and twitter account and link them all together. Think about joining networked blogs or bloglovin so people can follow you that way as well. The more readers you have the more potential sponsors you have.
    e-mail me at so we can chat about a a blog post.

    Erica Barker and Michael too. :)
    We Three Crabs

  2. Excited for you guys! We are good friends with Marc and Kayan and look forward to seeing God use you both in Rwanda! And of course, I can't wait to get on a plane and come visit.