Friday, August 22, 2014


We have officially reached FULL SUPPORT!!!  Oh. My. Word.  Friends, there are no words. This journey has been amazing. THANK YOU for rallying around us, whether it's been through prayer or financial sacrifice.  We are moved to tears by your generosity (no, really).

Frankly, the journey has taken us much longer than we thought it would. But it's okay. We've seen God's impeccable timing through it all. Every single need along the way has been met. We pray this serves as a reminder to all believers that, as long as God is behind the idea, when you step out in faith to do what seems impossible, God will bless you far beyond what you can ask or imagine. He loves when we set out to do something that will fail without His help. So if you have been compelled by Him to do something "crazy," do it.  Don't over-analyze it. He's either called you or He hasn't - that's all that matters.

This does not mean we're done raising support. Over time, situations will change and people will drop off and be unable to continue their giving.  
We will always be in need of new donors.  But for now...



So what happens now? Well, I (Jeremiah) officially get to start my work with Africa New Life!  There is much to be done and I am already hard at it. 
  • Meetings are being set up with influential leaders who can help me get this program launched in ATL. 
  • I am starting to talk to churches about partnering in order to significantly impact Rwanda.  
  • I am brainstorming creative ways to bring awareness of this incredible ministry to the great city of Atlanta.
  • I am starting to contact current ANL donors all along the east coast.
  • I am lining up my first trip to Rwanda!
    • *Want to join me?!!  Details to come very soon!

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