Wednesday, October 8, 2014

ANL-ATL! We Finally Meet!

We had the first ever Africa New Life -ATLANTA gathering on Saturday!  We had 14 people, most of whom are currently sponsoring children, over at a friends house for brunch.  It’s a small start, but it was absolutely amazing to feel the excitement in the air and hear the buzz of conversation as everyone talked about their kids and shared the letters and pictures they’d received.  It truly could not have gone better.

We handed out small appreciation gifts and thank you cards, and did our best to really emphasize that what they’re doing truly matters. We talked a great deal about all that God is doing in Rwanda, encouraged everyone to join me on a trip to meet their kids, and invited them to be a part of laying the foundation for ANL here in Atlanta.  Everyone seemed really excited to meet again in a few months and to bring others with them!

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