Saturday, May 9, 2015

Cut Back Challenge!

What a week! Men, women and families stepping up and sacrificing this week in order to help the people of Kageyo, Rwanda! The keyhole gardens we’ll be providing will TRANSFORM LIVES. Children who know hunger understand that food is the difference between life and death, but they also notice small things about food that we take for granted. FOOD GIVES YOU ENERGY TO LEARN. You can climb trees and play soccer. You can fetch water. Everything changes with food.

A team of 8 men from Texas will be heading to Rwanda this July to begin this project. This year alone, the money we've helped raise will provide 100 sustainable gardens in Kageyo, training for 8 key Rwandan volunteer community leaders to manage the project, and the hiring of two agronomists to supervise the continual duplication of keyhole gardens throughout the area for years to come – which will lower the cost of future gardens significantly.

YOU CAN STILL GIVE (even if you weren't able to partake in the challenge). Seriously, even $10 matters. $160 provides a household garden. CLICK HERE TO GIVE

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