Saturday, January 21, 2017

Support Update

We were oh-so-close to getting back to a healthy(ish) 90% again. And then...

As you might expect, we consistently have donors that lose jobs or are in a financial pinch and have to drop out. ALL. THE. TIME. On the flip side, new donors are jumping in (praise God!) It's always changing! Unfortunately, we're losing far more per month than we're gaining, because some very large donors have had to step down.

As I write, we are still $330/month behind in reaching 90% of our goal just to meet budget (the other 10% is meant to be a buffer - ha!). At the end of February, we're likely dropping another $500/month, which would put us $830/month behind. Thankfully, we do still have a little bit extra in our account to help with this for a short time. Meanwhile, our HSA reset in January...which means every medical bill (and there are a lot) is going on our credit card and we're once again incurring debt at an alarming rate. At least we'll meet our deductible by March!

We've certainly had setbacks before, but this one is on a much larger scale. I'm working hard to take time to pray and make sure I'm focussed on the truth, and to not live in fear! God has a proven track record, after all. All of this simply means that we'll have an incredible story to share once He brings us through to the other side. So keep your eye out for yet another example of God's amazing faithfulness in the months to come!

None of this is a complaint. It isn't even necessarily a plea for support. This is a plea for prayer. THANK YOU, prayer warriors!



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